Discover ways you can be a part of making the arts come alive in our community. 



We would be lost without the support of volunteers who bring their enthusiasm and expertise to our endeavors. North Shore Arts Angels relies on these volunteers to assist in various aspects of fundraising and program delivery.  For instance - our volunteers man a table at every performing arts event to both promote and honor our student performers. Our continued presence at these public arts events demonstrates our support for the arts at North Shore.

Volunteering with Arts Angels is an easy and fulfilling way to give back...helping the kids of North Shore bring joy to our community through the arts simply feels important. And deeply satisfying.
— Amie Sanborn, Sea Cliff Resident & Arts Angels Director at Large

Ways you can Volunteer your time

Whether you have 10 minutes or 10 weeks of your time to help us advance our mission, we have a place for you. 



Advocate for the arts in education. Volunteer to:

  • Attend meetings of the school board and other parent organizations to promote arts in our schools
  • Develop materials and resources for parents and community members

Boost the Bass

Our large instrument purchase initiative to ensure that our music ensembles sound their best for years to come. Volunteer to:  

  • Research and conduct donor solicitations 
  • Develop promotional materials
  • Plan special events

Box Office

This convenient service saves the district time and money and raises funds for theater programs. You can work the box office and attend the event! Volunteer to:  

  • Sell and/or scan tickets at events


Rose & Chocolate Sales

Throughout the district, Arts Angels sells various chocolate treats and  beautiful single long stem roses - a perfect way to honor student performers while showing our support for the arts. Volunteer to: 

  • Order & pick up roses/chocolates
  • Set up lobby tables & manage sales



Join us in supporting the districts family friendly Homecoming celebration - we organize various student music performances. Volunteer to:

  •  help to organize the performances
  • assist with stage setup and performer dressing rooms
  • provide water/snacks for student performers
  • Be on hand to help keep things running smoothly


Membership Drive

Member donations are the main support for our mission. Arts Angels runs an annual membership drive that includes email, appearances at community events & other solicitations. Volunteer to:  

  • prepare and deliver membership appeals
  • man tables at Back to School Night



North Shore Arts Angels sponsors programs like the Summer Theater Workshop - which provide additional theater opportunities to students in grades 7-12. Volunteer to:  

  • assist with program planning
  • recruit staff & students
  • coordinate program activities


special Events

We promote special events, like the recent Parent Paint Night, "Danza Cubana" (to support the 2016 student music tour in Cuba), the 2015 district wide Choral Festival & the 2013 Masquers 50th Anniversary Reunion Show.  Volunteer to:

  • be available to help plan/promote/organize our special events - like the upcoming Animation Festival in January 2018


Tech Week Meals:

We feed between 60-120 students during the final week of play/musical rehearsals at the High School. See the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and get a sneak preview of the shows! Volunteer to:  

  • coordinate meal planning
  • pick up/deliver food
  • set up, serve and/or clean up



Send a message to  

or call: 516 945-9910