We also consider requests for campaigns that involve event-specific fundraising - or self-funded initiatives,  as well as funding for ongoing initiatives that can span many years.  Additionally, North Shore Arts Angels also seeks to develop independent programs to fill in the gaps in arts education for district students and residents.  These programs may be funded by a combination of fees, tuitions, donations and targeted fundraising.  Additional programs are in the works.



Large Instrument Purchase Campaign
Artwork by Nicole Hasbrouck '15

Boost The Bass is one of our ongoing campaign initiaticves

Students in North Shore’s instrumental music programs are transformed by their experiences learning, practicing, rehearsing and performing year after year.  The results of their hard work are clear to parents, friends and community residents who enjoy concerts, sporting events, parades and other celebrations featuring our award-winning Viking ensembles. Large instruments that produce foundation sounds - string basses, euphoniums, tubas and others - are too costly for most families to rent or purchase.  To encourage students to take up these essential instruments, North Shore traditionally has acquired them through purchase or lease and rented them to families at affordable rates.  

This program enables our music ensembles to produce the full, balanced sounds called for in most compositions, enriching the educational experiences of all student musicians.  But rising costs and tighter budgets put the program at risk.

Our goal is to raise funds to buy 70 instruments for use in grades 3-12.  

Donate directly to The Boost the Bass campaign by mail - just fill out this form, and mail it in with your check to:

Or...make a one time or recurring Online Donation here:

Or - do you happen to have a have a well kept, middle-school sized tuba lying around the house and never getting played? We also accept direct donations of instruments that are in good condition. Please see below for needed instruments and contact us for more information at

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise over $150,000 to buy 70 instruments. Click on any link to learn more:

4 High School Level Tubas @ $6,660
4 Baritone Saxophones @ $5,310
7 Double Horns (French Horns) @ $2,550 [ONE DONATED]
9 Tenor Saxophones @ $2,430
21 String Basses $1,800 [COMPLETED 2015]
6 Bass Clarinets @  $1,570 [TWO PURCHASED]
3 Beginner Tenor Saxophones @ $1,570
2 Middle School Level Tubas @ $1,000
8 Euphoniums @ $795 [5 PURCHASED]
3 Full-Size Cellos @ $700
3 One-Quarter Size Cellos @ $550

Thanks to the following Generous Boost the bass donors:

Lauren Draper
Don and Laura Kavanagh
The Martone-Brown Family
The O'Brien Family
Caryn Quinn
Andrea Sasso
Elizabeth Schoen
The Sorensen Family
The Viscovich Family

Cuba Performance Tour "Danza Cubana" Event - $5,000+

North Shore Arts Angels was proud to help support the 2016 performance tour of Cuba by 90 high school musicians, their teachers and chaperones.

Our volunteers assisted in setting up "Danza Cubana" a kickoff party for the tour at the American Legion Hall in Glen Head on October 24th, 2016.  Over 130 people attended, including students, their parents and grandparents.The event featured a special performance by the HS Jazz Septet and celebrated Cuban culture with Latin dance instruction and Cuban cuisine amid tropical decor loaned by the NSHS Theatre Department. 

Requested by HS Music Teachers Jason Domingo, Michael Kerschner and David Soto

$5,000+ was raised - supported entirely by event-specific underwriting, donations and gifts

Portable Lightweight Non-Glass Mirrors

Being able to see yourself in rehearsal is an important element of instruction in performing arts - especially theater and dance.  That is why rehearsal rooms generally have mirrored walls.  At North Shore, the theater program uses various locations in the high school and middle school for rehearsals making fixed mirrors impractical.  Used by theater and dance companies around the world, lightweight, portable non-glass mirrors provide a solution to the problems posed by transporting large mirrors.  Made from mylar stretched over a sturdy, but light aluminum frame, these mirrors have the same reflective quality as glass, but are a fraction of the weight and pose no breakage hazard (or seven years of bad luck!)  Funding covers the purchase of six borderless, non-glass mirrors each 4 feet wide and 6 feet tall set on a wheeled base with locking casters for a total of 24 linear feet of mirrors.  Equipment can easily be stored and moved as needed, making them ideal to share among the Viking Masquers, Pulse Dance Team and Summer Theater Workshop.

Request submitted by Summer Theater Workshop Artistic Director Terry Berliner

Raised $2920 - Supported by Halloween costume sale

Costume Fundraiser

For many years, Arts Angels volunteers have maintained the district's large collection of costumes made by student members of the HS and MS costume crews and volunteers, or have been donated or otherwise procured for use in school shows.  Having a large collection to draw from, reduces the need to rent costumes for productions.  Costumes from district's collection also were made available for rental to other schools and non-profit community groups as an on-going fundraiser for Arts Angels.  In 2016, the district decided to relocate the costumes from a storage space in the old bus depot at the GWL school to a smaller space at the HS. While the move means we can keep far fewer costumes, those that remain will be more accessible to students working on shows.  To reduce the size of the collection, Arts Angels coordinated a costume sale in October 2016.  The first sale netted $3,500 in cash, which was used to purchase rehearsal room mirrors, rolling garment racks and new boxes to improve storage of props and costume accessories.  Some costumes were donated to the Costume Collection of the Theater Development Fund, a non-profit organization that provides low-cost rental costumes for educational theater programs throughout the area.  In exchange for the donated items, North Shore received credit for $6,000 in future rentals from TDF, good for about 100 costumes.  Typically, we rent 20-30 costumes for big musical and 10-20 for a play, so the rental credit will make it possible for the district to rent costumes free of charge for a least a few years. Request coordinated by Julia Brennan   See more.  

$3500 plus $6,000 in rental credits

Summer Theater Workshop

North Shore Arts Angels was pleased to have been able to revive the district's Summer Theater Workshop, which ran for nearly 42 years before being cut from the budget over a decade ago. Over 130 alumni took part in a June 2013 musical revue marking the 50th anniversary of the program that raised $35,000 to pay expenses for the revival. Arts Angels provided an additional $10,000 and accepted donations specifically for the program.  Those funds, along with tuitions and ticket sales to performances, enabled us to hire an incredible team of theater professionals to run the program from June to August in 2015 under a license agreement with the school district.  Twenty-five students participated in two productions — a concert of new works by prominent musical theater composers, and two performances of 'The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.'  The program also employed 10 college students (including many NS Alumni) pursuing careers in the theater or in the arts and provided opportunities for 15 community and student volunteers.  If there is demand for running the program again, we will do so in the summer of 2017.

Requested by HS Theater Teacher Michael Kleba and Summer Theater Workshop Artistic Director Terry Berliner

$35,000 raised from alumni  + $10,000 from Arts Angels